QPathology (QPath)

A Next Generation in Medical Services Company

Second Opinion Medical Platform

Privately connects worldwide patients/doctors with the world leading state-of-the-art Hospitals, for the best diagnosis and treatment.

  • MVP ready; we are now testing the alpha version of the platform
  • Collaborate with BIDMC physicians

Research-focused TMA Biobank

Develop and maintain a biobank of formalin-fixed Tissue Microarrays (TMAs)

  • unique position, long expertise in TMA development (QPath Founder O. Bucur)
  • for research purpose only, for us and our partners
Other ideas we are exploring: Pathology Services and Collaborative Platform


Members of our team are also founders and collaborators of Global Academic Consulting, providing a range of consultancy services in the search and selection of Senior Administrators for Academic Institutions, the establishment of Research Centers and Academic Institutions, launching of Biotech Companies.


Octavian Bucur, MD, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Former Instructor in Pathology, BIDMC, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA; expert in biomedical technology development, molecular and computational pathology; co-Editor in Chief of Discoveries journal

Bhanu P. Jena, PhD

Co-founder and President

Director of the NanoBioScience Institute, Founder of Several Research Institutes throughout the world; George E. Palade University Professor & Distinguished Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA


John D. Halamka, MD, MS

Healthcare Technology Expert

CIO of BIDMC, Dean of Technology at Harvard Medical School, Chairman of the Healthcare IT Standards Panel, Editor-in-Chief of Blockchain in Healthcare Today

Victor E. Velculescu MD, PhD

Cancer Genetics Expert

Founder of the Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx) and Co-Director of Cancer Biology at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

George M. Church, PhD

Genetics & Molecular Engineering

"Father of synthetic biology". Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School; Professor at MIT, Director of the NIH Center of Excellence in Genomic Science (Harvard), Founder of >8 and Advisor for >10 companies.

Alex Almasan, PhD

Molecular Oncology Expert

Professor of Molecular Medicine, Co-Leader of Molecular Oncology program, Department of Cancer Biology, Cleveland Clinic & CWRU, Cleveland, OH, USA

Lars Larsson, MD PhD

Clinical Expert

Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Senior Consultant, Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden



First discussions and brainstorming sessions between founders


Design and strategy


Core Team and Advisory Board established, website launched


QPathology registered in MA


Second Opinion Medical Platform (MVP - alpha version)


Second Opinion Platform - testing and launch


Tissue microarray biobank is initiated (first tissue blocks developed)


Second Opinion Platform (beta version)


1st Retreat of QPath to evaluate its progress and strategy


First Pathology Services may be initiated


Release of iOS and Android applications